I really love Pro Musica. Ken and John are the best at what they do. They know all the best audio equipment at any price range.

Best place to buy hi-fi, period. Great products. Friendly, truly expert and candid owners.

I walked into Lincoln Ave. shop in ’84 (the days of free parking)
I thought there was a live band playing, even after seeing the repro system!
Ken was gracious. Be sure to check them out before investing in audio kit

Very helpful in setting up and aligning a twenty-year-old Project 1.2 turntable with Grado Red cartridge. Apparently, it had a bent headshell, which they fixed along with fine-tuning the alignment and tracking force and anti-skate. My table sounds much better. All the inner groove distortion I was getting is gone. It only cost $35 and they spent nearly an hour fixing it.

These specialists are fantastic fellows. They will guide you to getting a great hi-fi sound according to your budget. Some great English hi-fi. Tube sound too!

Best place for audio equipment in the city bar none!!!

Ken and John are the most knowledgeable guys I’ve met in 40 years of listening — about gear and music. I’ve never felt pressured — I’ve always felt like they worked hard to make the experience of buying/building a listening system as transparent as possible. I’ve never been disappointed with anything I’ve bought here. And their follow up/service (which is critical) has always been helpful and thorough. Can’t recommend them more highly.

The best people ever

Amazing place. Bought my first high-end headset here the other day. Looking forward to going back.

Great customer service       

This is the place for adult ears; if that’s you, get thee hence, there is no better!

Very knowledgeable, great products and service.  Top of the line store.

These guys have an ear for music as opposed to sound. If you understand the distinction this is the store you want to listen to.

Thanks, Ken and John, no retailer like you on earth, and the experience, like the sounds, just keeps getting better.

I love pro Musica. I love the owners and their philosophies of sound

The very best in live music and stereo equipment demonstrations.

If you are into quality audio, there is nothing comparable to Pro Musica. I have purchased equipment from them over the last 25 years or so and have always been super happy. Their approach to music, audio, and customer service is wonderful.   Can’t say enough.

Came here looking for a pair of quality headphones under $200.  I made the mistake of ordering something online and realizing they were not the sound I was looking for. I figured I had to visit a store and test them out myself.
The owner was very helpful in showing me what he had and let me hear them all through his system. He gave me plenty of time and a quiet space to do my testing. He even offered to give me a discount if I wanted to buy any of his demos. He also enthusiastically discussed vinyl versus digital and played a few of his LP’s to show me the differences. In the end, I decided on a nice pair of headphones. I hope to visit again to get my turntable upgraded.

Cannot say enough good things about them. They are knowledgeable and listen to what you were looking for and make fantastic recommendations based on your ear, not specifications.

This is one of the finest audio stores I have ever come across. I visited Ken as I was shipping kit across the country and I was seeking help in its set up. We quickly got into a conversation about systems old and new and then he offered to drive the 50 miles to my new home to help me. Incredible service and support! I can’t thank Ken enough and no doubt I will be frequenting Pro-Musica in future.

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